On the hunt for a competitive edge?

Inkjet Production Offers Unprecedented Opportunity

Inkjet Production Promises a Competitive Edge

Over the past few years, production inkjet technology has evolved.

Has your company kept pace?

By 2019, inkjet use is expected to account for 58% of all digital production color volume.

The growth in this sector has meant high-quality inkjet printers are now a good fit for more companies than ever before.

This means that no matter how big your business is, or what kinds of challenges are inherent in your industry, these printers can consistently produce the volumes of variable content you need without unnecessary overhead.

The Changing Demands of Print

Outdated printers have no place in modern companies.

Demands on print production have changed and the only way to meet them is with improved technology designed for these new challenges.

Consider the following trends:

  • Number of Job Listings Are Up 58%
  • Lead Times Are Down 45%
  • High-Volume Run Lengths Are Down 45%

What do these mean for your business?

They represent an increase in touch points, which can either threaten your company’s margins and profits or provide you with an opportunity to leverage production inkjet and enjoy new efficiencies.


Our experts are standing by to explain how this technology can meet your company’s unique needs.

Why Xerox Is the Manufacturer So Many Companies Trust

Understanding the importance of inkjet printing is a step in the right direction for the future of your company. However, if you’re not leveraging technology from Xerox, you’re relying on second-best.

3 Ways Xerox Inkjet Printing Is Leading the Way

The driving force behind Xerox’s domination of the inkjet printing market has been a three-pronged approach:

  • Innovation – Focusing on innovating print engines, presses, media, and ink ensures your company will maximize its ROI again and again.
  • Flexibility – No two companies have the same printing needs, which is why Xerox offers a broad portfolio of products. Should you ever scale up, you can rest assured Xerox’s product line will be ready to accommodate your new requirements.
  • Reliability – Xerox’s industry-leading service model will give you peace of mind knowing that your printing ecosystem will meet all of your company’s needs, now and in the distant future.

When you choose Xerox, your company will have the benefit of deciding from technology across six different categories, too:

  • Business Development
  • Inkjet Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Workflow Automation
  • Support Infrastructure
  • Media and Finishing

So no matter what industry your company is in or what it currently requires from its printing solution, Xerox has you covered.

Harness the Efficiency of Inkjet Printers

QBSI-Xerox has the experience and knowledge to help you find the inkjet printing solution that is right for your company’s unique needs.

Our company has been serving businesses in Washington and the surrounding region for more than 40 years. During that time, we have achieved greater longevity as a continually managed company than any of our competitors.

This is because we understand this industry and how to help our clients make the most of Xerox’s cutting-edge technology.

We know that making the switch will mean more than just replacing your current printer(s). Our experts will help you with the transition by assessing your requirements and matching them with the best Xerox inkjet production devices for maximizing profits and efficiency.