Most companies recognize the importance of cost-effective and efficient document management.

Industry analysts report that as much as 3% of annual revenues are spent on document production on printers, copiers and outsourcing. However, the expertise and time it takes to achieve those objectives can be difficult to manage.

Our QBSI360°™ Assessment uses a data-driven approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire document management infrastructure, allowing us to create a detailed plan for greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Our unique program, QBSI360°™, is a FREE Assessment of your current document management strategy that helps you better understand your current technology and workflow processes, usage patterns and all related costs. It begins with our five step QBSI360°™ process.


Before we offer any services, we define your objectives and what you are looking to accomplish through our program – whether it is simply identifying all of your assets (copiers, printers, faxes and scanners) or a more in-depth calculation of your monthly expense, we need to understand what you are trying to achieve.
Once we understand your objectives, we start with a detailed walk-through of your company, compiling a complete inventory of all your office systems, every device in every location. We capture all related information including usage data, direct and indirect costs as well as current vendor and service program details.
A detailed analysis will identify inefficiencies such as redundant, underutilized and outdated office systems as well as the inefficient allocation of these resources, hidden costs of outsourced service and supply programs, costly work processes and total cost of ownership.
Our recommendations are aimed at implementing a new plan designed for cost reduction, vendor and asset consolidation, integrating new technology into your existing fleet, re-engineering your workflow processes and simplifying procurement of office systems, supplies, parts and service.
We provide a single source for accountability – one vendor for all your needs. We assume full responsibility for all your service and support needs and provide you with all the supplies you require – and the best part is you receive only one invoice per month. We continue to review your account on a quarterly basis to ensure you are always operating at an optimal level, at the lowest possible cost.

QBSI360˚ Benefits

By doing a QBSI360°™ assessment your company will be provided information that will assist in these areas:
Cost Control & Management
You will be provided with fact based data that identifies areas of cost reduction & cost containment. We will be more than happy to show you specific examples during your first meeting with one of our consultants.
Workflow Automation
Bottlenecks and time intensive processes inside your organization’s document lifecycle will leave an opening for solutions to impact the productivity of your staff and increase profitability. You can read more about these solutions in the Document Solutions section of our site.
Information Security
Disaster recovery and security options. With the government regulations increasing by the year and the security concerns email and internet usage have generated, we can quickly provide options to protect your information along with an ROI analysis.
Environmental Sustainability
Green practices you could implement to assist in your organization’s carbon footprint. We care about doing our part with the environment to ensure a healthy and safe future for our children.