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ConnectKey Audio Docs: Scan Your Documents to Audio Files

There are many technology-driven ways today to enjoy media at home, in the office, or on the go:

  • Kindles or other devices that allow users to easily download books or other documents for reading on tablets and smartphones
  • Streaming media directly to computers, internet-enabled smart TVs, or mobile devices
  • Sharing movies, music, and photos from cloud-based storage with friends, family, and coworkers

But what about paper documents? Wouldn’t it be convenient if everyone could just scan documents and transform them into audio files, allowing one to access and listen to them whenever they like and wherever they are?

That time has come. Xerox ConnectKey-powered scanners can now allow users to seamlessly transform written paper documents straight to MP3 audio.

How ConnectKey Technology Works

Scanning documents to audio files couldn’t be simpler:

  • Log in to Xerox multifunction printer (MFP) that is ConnectKey-enabled
  • Enter email address and a few settings such as language
  • Scan the document to convert it to audio format
  • Open the link in email to open the audio content and listen to the document

There’s no need to transfer paper documents when one can simply listen and share audio formats with anyone who needs the information. Any device that can access the email link can open and listen to the audio file, making sharing and collaboration easy and productive for workgroups.

Want more?

Downloading the mobile app opens even more doors to sharing audio content. Any text file or document on mobile devices can be transformed into an audio format with multiple advantages:

  • Listen to the document instead of reading it
  • Share the audio file with others quickly and easily

Like scanning to audio, transforming mobile text content to audio is just as simple:

  • Upload the text document into the mobile app
  • Open the document as an audio file – right in the app

Advantages of Audio Format

Scanned MP3 files have several advantages over paper documents:

  • It’s convenient – listen to audio formats anywhere, on any device
  • Having documents read to the user is simply more enjoyable
  • It makes multitasking more efficient – listen to MP3 documents while in-between sales calls
  • Listening can be done where reading is not practical, even in the car, at the airport, or on a plane
  • Businesses such as legal teams can benefit from listening to briefs and other documents while on the go

ConnectKey applications support multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and more. This makes the technology convenient for both small businesses and global enterprises.

ConnectKey Technology Family of Apps

ConnectKey apps offer advanced features not available with older technologies:

  • Manage, edit, and print documents from anywhere – enabled by cloud technology and smart devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Multifunction printers provide scanning, emailing, faxing, and printing from anywhere, including scan to audio
  • Touchscreen interfaces allow simplified scanning and storage of documents from MFP to the cloud, personal computers, or even disaster recovery storage
  • Security is built into ConnectKey apps, ensuring the privacy of confidential information such as legal documents or healthcare records
  • Familiar tablet and smartphone interfaces with scroll and pinch functionality
  • Access and share documents with individuals or entire teams simultaneously with mobile apps
  • Legal and healthcare industries will benefit from the Xerox Auto-Redaction function that makes personally identifiable information (PII) secure when printing documents while retaining the information in digital forms

Digitized documents are more efficient for businesses in many ways:

  • Storing documents in digital format eliminates the manual filing, retrieving, and storage of paper documents
  • No more lost or misfiled documents that consume employees’ time
  • Transforming documents to audio format makes the use of documents easier and more accessible
  • Documents stored in digital form are easier to share, but can also be made more secure from unauthorized access

ConnectKey apps can also be integrated with applications to provide custom solutions enabled with this remarkable Xerox technology. Xerox and other companies have generated apps that utilize the technology to interact with other software applications:

  • Dropbox
  • Concur
  • QuickBooks
  • Ecobox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Office
  • Evernote
  • Salesforce
  • Amazon WorkDocs

And many more apps that make offices, legal teams, and sales associates more efficient and productive.

QBSI- Xerox – Your Intelligent App Resource

QBSI-Xerox partners with you to implement the convenience and efficiency of ConnectKey technology throughout your business. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Business Solutions, Inc., we are uniquely qualified to empower your business with the benefits of the ConnectKey family of apps and multifunction printers.

Technology and smart apps allow your employees to manage your business – not your documents.

Contact QBSI-Xerox for more details on getting started with automated workflow and effective document management, with customized apps tailored to the needs of your business.