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What to Look Forward to at the QBSI-Xerox 18th Annual Golf Classic

The QBSI-Xerox Annual Golf Classic has been benefiting communities for 18 years. It has also been a boon to
the business community of Snohomish County. Here’s what businesses should know about the upcoming QBSI-Xerox Golf Classic and how it can benefit the local community (and possibly win a little something for yourself too).

What Is the QBSI-Xerox Annual Golf Classic?

The QBSI-Xerox Golf Classic is a golf tournament that helps the local community and gives
businesses an opportunity to win big.

The prizes for hole in ones on key holes are particularly motivating. Here’s a look at what participants
can look forward to should they land a hole in one on these holes.

  • For hole 5: a set of Callaway irons is the prize, fit for a champion.
  • For hole 11: participants can expect to win a flat-screen TV.
  • For hole 16: $10,000 in cool hard cash is the reward, an enviable prize to be sure.
  • For hole 8: the participant can win a car, that’s right, QBSI-Xerox is offering a brand-new automobile.

The local community will also benefit considerably, here’s how.

The QBSI-Xerox Golf Classic Benefits the YMCA of Snohomish County, a Worthy Cause

The Golf Classic will benefit one of the noblest causes in the community, the local YMCA. The YMCA plays a key role in supporting both kids and seniors. It also provides a space for constructive activities that encourage self-improvement.

The local YMCA is a place that parents can depend on for high-quality child care. Parents today are
working harder than ever. Long hours and working two jobs has become quite common and has been
putting a strain on families. In Snohomish County, the YMCA helps to relieve some of that strain by providing a safe and productive environment for the kids of working parents. The QBSI-Xerox Golf Classic helps make that
possible with donations from the event.

How to Participate in the QBSI-Xerox 18th Annual Golf Classic

First you need to register!

To play in the QBSI-Xerox Golf Classic it costs $175 per player. For firms who are unable to contribute golfers to
the event, $600 will secure a hole and can help get digital signage branding noticed.

The sponsorship for a 4 Hole-In-One Award holes is $1,400 each. Also, the 14 Holes (par 4’s & par 5’s)
come in at $1,200 each. With numbers like that there’s plenty of opportunity for a chance to make a big
impression with QBSI-Xerox.

Other Ways That QBSI-Xerox Gives Back to the Community

The Annual Golf Classic is far from the only way that QBSI-Xerox contributes to the community it serves. We
supports other important programs and causes that help make the local community a better place to
live and do business.

StormFit Basketball Camp

Sponsored by QBSI-Xerox, the StormFit Basketball Camp is a summer basketball camp located at the Hidden Valley FieldHouse in Bellevue. The program helps teach kids important athletic skills and trains them in basketball.
Helping local kids succeed is part of what makes QBSI-Xerox a unique pillar of the community as a local


Serving the community of King and Snohomish County, Hopelink helps the disabled, elderly, homeless,
and low-income folks in the area.

One of the defining qualities that make Hopelink different from other programs aiming at helping the
disadvantaged is that it helps enable individuals with the knowledge to escape poverty for good.

Why QBSI-Xerox? Make the Right Choice for Printers and Printing Software

QBSI-Xerox gives back to the community and the Annual Golf Classic is an important example of how the
company gives back. Participate and keep the community strong.

Potential participants can find more information by directing their inquiries to:

Joan Serwold – QBSI-XEROX
14432 SE Eastgate Way, Suite 300
Bellevue, WA 98007

Do the community a favor and attend the QBSI-Xerox 18th Annual Golf Classic, better yet – help sponsor it!