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Meeting the Changing Demands of Print with Inkjet

The competition gets tougher every year, and in this fast-paced world, it can get harder by the day. Such intense competition in the global market makes it imperative for firms to have a competitive edge in their pocket. The copy room is one of the key areas where most offices fall behind.

Inefficient or inadequate equipment is one of the most common faults. Here’s what managers need to know about how QBSI-Xerox, Xerox inkjet printers are leveling the playing field and giving firms a competitive advantage.

What Are the Changes in Demand in Printing?

Printing has seen some of the most drastic upticks in demand in terms of performance over the last few years. With companies needing to do more faster, and often with tighter budgets, efficiency isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.
There has been a jump in the number of touchpoints as job listings are going up while lead times and high-volume run lengths are going down.

These increases on workloads have helped launch inkjet printers into being used for 58% of all digital production color volume. With more high-quality inkjet printers being used by businesses of all sizes across the board, levels of efficiency are rising sharply.

Changes and Advancements in Inkjet Printers Over the Last Few Years

With all of the advancements over the last few years, inkjet printers are quickly becoming the industry standard. As the industry standard, it means that businesses not using inkjet printers will fall behind their competitors who are better equipped.

In previous years, the thought of using an inkjet printer for businesses would have sounded a little wonky. It’s because earlier inkjet printers didn’t hold up and experienced frequent cartridge failures that created expensive bottlenecks in productivity. All of that has changed and inkjet printers are making their way into business at a remarkably rapid rate.

The advances in inkjet technology have also brought cartridge-free ink which has been driving costs down like crazy. The combined benefits of cost savings and superior print quality have made inkjet printers the new go-to for business.

How Inkjet Printers Compare to Other Types of Printers

When compared to other major printer models like laser printers, for example, inkjets measure up. For one thing, there is no longer much of a disparity in price between inkjet and laser printers. In terms of black and white printing, laser printers remain dominant.

However, when it comes to color printing, inkjet printers still reign. The unparalleled quality in color printing makes inkjet printers the most recommendable option for any print jobs that require high-quality color.

What Type of Print Is Best for Top-Quality Jobs?

When it comes to print jobs that require top-quality, inkjet printers are the winner, hands down. The superior print quality makes them a sensible choice for any business. The bottom line is, inkjet printers come in first in economy, print quality, and speed.

Embrace the Power of Xerox, Don’t Settle for Less

Buying an inkjet printer from Xerox isn’t an expense, it’s an investment. One that will keep on paying many years down the line. Don’t settle for anything less, the quality in both manufacture and service is simply unparalleled. Xerox is a leader for a reason.

Buying cheaper off-brand printers might seem like an awfully tempting way to save money. In today’s cash strapped market, no one can be faulted for trying, but don’t. With an off-brand printer, one can encounter all kinds of problems within weeks of buying the machine. Service and return policies will be more limited and end up leaving firms with a dysfunctional printer that brings productivity to a standstill. No one wants that, get the best, get Xerox.

When Looking for a Xerox Inkjet Printer, Shop smart, Shop QBSI-Xerox

Finding the right printer for the job is half the battle. The next decision is to choose the right vendor. When it comes to vendors, there tends to be a lot of variabilities. Vendors vary in price, quality of service, and many other factors that can affect a buying decision. A little intel can go a long way, QBSI-Xerox is the smart choice for purchasing a Xerox inkjet printer.

For the best quality in an inkjet printer, shop QBSI-Xerox, call today and see what they can do for you.