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What can Xerox Workplace Suite do for you?

For any company that needs a reliable and efficient printing fleet, the Xerox Workplace Suite is a
best in class solution that caters for all modern business requirements. While spending on general IT
services and infrastructure is set to decrease, the market for printing services is on course to
increase by 6.1% CAGR until 2020.

Xerox Workplace Suite helps companies manage their bottom-line when it comes to the printing
overheads, using usage insights and access controls to reduce waste and improve productivity. Hosted on the premises, companies have complete control over the fleet and its utilization.

Xerox Workplace Suite Features that Drive Business Efficiency

Removing headaches associated with business support infrastructure, the Xerox Workplace Suite
strives to deliver efficiency while never compromising on security or accessibility. Hosting the
software on the company’s own IT infrastructure means complete configuration control is available
to in-house administrators.

There are three main areas of business efficiency addressed by the Xerox Workplace Suite.

1. Security and Content Control

The Xerox Workplace Suite is compatible with different authentication and security controls, so
companies can incorporate any of their business-specific methodologies.

Controlling the users and their access to the device

In order to ensure only valid prints are processed, the Xerox Workplace Suite provides:

  • Employee card-based authentication using a variety of industry-standard secure readers and
  • Mobile access using NFC, QR Code, or Mobile Apps to unlock features.
  • Alternate login using Pin, Username, and Password or Authorization Code.
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration.

By providing flexible options to release the print pull jobs, organizations can take complete control
over who can print what, when and where.

Securing the document content during processing

Using document classification scanning, the Xerox Workplace Suite provides additional oversight of
the company’s content. By using user-defined terms such as “Confidential” or “Controlled
Disclosure”, the licensed MFP scans for these phrases during each print, scan, or copy it processes.

If the system detects the unauthorized access of a document, it will automatically alert
administrators with a notification that includes the job information and content details in order to
follow up.

These additional information security features ensure tracking access to confidential company
information in real-time, preventing its dissemination before it occurs.

Single sign-on capabilities

To further drive efficiency, Xerox Workplace Suite provides Single Sign-On (SSO) features that
integrate with other printing enabled MFP apps. Using a single authentication step at any of the
devices, users can save time by accessing their jobs via cloud-connected SSO apps, eliminating the
need for any additional login steps.

Securing the credentials with triple-encryption in a tamper-proof software vault, each login token’s
retrieval is safe from malware or malicious code. The digital gap in printer security is responsible for
59% of organizational data losses in 2018.

With threats that are more sophisticated, all networked devices are targets. The printing fleet is no
different and ensuring only secured access to the devices goes a long way in preventing the
reputational, financial and legal impacts of data losses.

2. Reporting and Analytical Metrics

Using fleet reporting and accounting, the Xerox Workplace Suite provides detailed insights into
usage statistics and access monitoring. The analytics gives organizations real-time metrics of their
prints, scans, and copies.

Allowing for integration with Network Accounting systems, the administrators can track all elements
relating to the print fleet, including setting up custom print rules that enforce the company’s
information policies.

3. Mobile Printing Integration

The Xerox Workplace Suite comes with integration with all major mobile printing solutions. These

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile OS
  • Google Chromebook
  • Mac OS and Linux
  • iOS and Android Printing Apps

The mobile integration uses the same workflow (pull/follow) for mobile devices, and integrates with
the standard network accounting and reporting features. This ensures no security compromises are
required while enabling the mobile office efficiencies employees expect.

Easily Expand the Print Fleet with Modular Configuration

Using Xerox Workplace Suite allows companies to expand their printing fleet quickly while retaining
single points of control and central administration. Hosting the control center software on the
company’s IT infrastructure ensures adherence to the network security policies and reduces
administration requirements.

Drivers are stored in a single repository, preventing the need for elaborate installations. While
pulling the print jobs directly from the user device for a print request, the software reduces the
associated network traffic.

Comprehensive Printing Control and Security with Xerox Workplace Suite

The Xerox Workplace Suite provides modular control, secure access, and efficient administration for
the entire printing fleet. With flexible licensing, companies have to the freedom to expand or reduce
their features according to their business needs.

For companies who require efficient solutions that never compromise on data security, contact
QBSI-Xerox today to discuss any printing fleet’s deployment needs. As a wholly owned subsidiary of
Xerox Business Systems, we have the expertise that drives down printing overheads while
improving organizational productivity.