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Xerox Versant Family of Presses: Transform Through Automation

Businesses today can’t afford to not have the best in digital press equipment. Many firms outsource
specialty printing to costly third-party print shops and end up losing money. Here’s what managers
should know about the Xerox family of presses and how they can transform a business through

Revolutionizing the Industry: The Production Press

The production press has been revolutionizing the industry with a remarkable suite of capabilities.
Coming in either black-and-white or color, digital printers are an asset to any business. These devices
can facilitate on-demand print jobs, making it possible to print entire books in batches from one to

Meet the Future of Automated Printing: The Versant 180 and its Family of Xerox Printers

The Xerox Versant series are a new class of printers that stands above the rest as a leader to follow.
Their engineering is extraordinary and arms businesses with key advantages over their competitors.

Here’s what makes the Versant series unique and worth every penny:

● Speed Rated at 94% compared to competitors who range between 7.1% and 68%

● Speeds 49 times higher than the Ricoh C9110

● Simple operation and Flawless Design Backed By Superior Engineering

These advantages are only a few out of many that make the Xerox Versant Series one of the most
advantageous investments in printing equipment that a firm can make. Making an investment will
sustain higher levels of productivity and reduce costs.

The Profitability of Owning a Xerox Production Press

Without the extra expense of paying professional print shops and armed with the ability to match or
exceed their printing quality in-house, firms become stronger and more competitive. In doing so, they
also become more attractive to customers who will also appreciate the lower prices afforded by cutting
out the print shops.

On the flip side, professional print shops who buy a Xerox machine, stand to profit immensely from all of
the businesses who do not have their own Xerox production press.

The Versant 180 Press

The Versant 180 Press is a magnificent machine that can handle the toughest print jobs without
breaking a sweat. The superior engineering allows for a range of 80,000 pages per month at 80 pages
per minute without compromising print quality. The duty cycle is a breathtaking 750,000 pages per

Sleek and remarkably energy efficient, these machines don’t make a large footprint which is greatly
appreciated by today’s environmentally conscious customers.

The Versant 180 is an impressively versatile machine and can produce high-quality prints from a wide
variety of materials including the following.

  • Labels
  • Bright Papers
  • Window Decal
  • Embossed Material
  • Both coated and Uncoated Paper Stock

These are only a few of the many compatible printing materials that work with the Versant 180.

The Power of the Xerox Iridesse Production Press

The Xerox Iridesse production press is even greater than that of the Versant 180 and can deliver
legendary print loads at record speeds. The incredible Xerox machine can print up to 475,000 pages a
month at 120 pages per day. With this kind of printing capability, the Xerox Iridesse is unmatched by
anything else on the market. For firms with the most intensive printing needs, Xerox Iridesse is an
investment that makes sense.

Unleashing the Power of Automation

The Versant series from Xerox offers some of the most powerful machines digital printing has to offer.
With their incredible capabilities include the ability to automate essential printing tasks. Having this
makes the production of brochures and other marketing materials a controlled, efficient, and seamless
process from start to finish.

Automated printing with a digital press brings unparalleled advantages that launch firms ahead of their
competitors with superior equipment performance. The enhanced performance of a Xerox digital press
will bring exceptional advances in productivity for many years after the purchase. When buying a digital
press through a trusted vendor like QBSI-Xerox, companies save money and also receive exemplary
service after the sale. Start enjoying the benefits of automation in specialized print jobs, and soar past
the competition.

Grow with QBSI-Xerox and the Versant 180

QBSI-Xerox is the ultimate destination for state-of-the-art Versant Xerox printers like the Versant 180.
Businesses can’t afford to miss out on the advantages of this advanced and productivity-enhancing
equipment. Firms that purchase their Xerox printer through QBSI-Xerox enjoy superior savings and
service. Check it out and start enjoying the benefits of owning a Xerox machine.

Get an edge over the competition with one of the Xerox Versant models from QBSI-Xerox today.