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What You Should Know About Color Production Equipment

Color production equipment gives businesses some of the most important advantages of printing. Any
organization with prolific and frequent printing needs that concern large or specialized formats should
invest in color production equipment. Xerox is arguably the absolute best manufacturer of this type of
equipment – here’s what firms should know about this remarkable technology and how to benefit from

Color Production Equipment

Color production equipment consists of high-grade printing machines used for handling voluminous
orders where quality is a chief concern. These machines can outperform lower-grade printers without
breaking a sweat.

They can easily produce six-panel brochures, in-store signage, posters, and other large format prints
without compromising on quality.

Organizations that stand to benefit the most from color production equipment are universities,
churches, and almost any business of size. Universities often run up extensive costs outsourcing large
and specialized print jobs such as the production of orientation packets to professional print shops.
Universities who do this lose money with every packet they print, some packets contain around 100
pages of materials specially designed for incoming students.

Churches also suffer losses when they outsource the printing of their weekly pamphlets and can save
money with digital press printing.

The Importance of Documents

Documents are a vital driver of business and the divide between paper and digital formats can cause
chaos within any organization. Any tool that can help improve document management and production is
a friend to progress.

Savvy managers recognize that documents make the business world go round, almost every major
decision is finalized through the paperwork.

Iridesse Production Press by Xerox

The Iridesse Production Press isn’t just any digital color production press. It has up to six different inline
dry ink stations, which has options to print in clear, white, gold, and silver dry inks. The press has a wow
factor that cannot be compared to any other press. With full-width array and automated color quality, it
saves production time. It also has high capacity feeders for anything up to 8 media point and inline
finishing solutions for any workflow needs.

Brenva Inkjet Production Press

The Brenva press is not a digital press but is still just as impressive being an Inkjet. It has four ink drop
sizes, to control ink cost, and a full-width array scanner to help with missing jets during press runs. This
press has color management for distinguishing text, graphics, and images, optimizing them, using a mix
of drop sizes.

The Versant 180 Press

With the V180, it takes the print operation to the next with level with automation and quality in a
compact size. Its performance package delivers 80 pp on al stocks up to 350 g/m^2 and adds automated
color calibration. On top of that, it also has an ultra HD resolution with four times the pixels than
standard printers or presses.

What Sets Xerox Color Production Equipment Apart

The Xerox name is respected all over the world, and routinely outperforms competitor’s equipment in
terms of quality, reliability, and performance. Here’s the Xerox difference and why firms looking to stay
competitive can’t go on without it.

● They provide high-quality color printing
● Able to print on demand
● Short print runs

With Xerox, businesses can’t go wrong. They’ll keep everything running beautifully with their full-color
production equipment. Having their own digital presses, businesses don’t have to outsource their print
jobs, and they can save themselves a little money.

Xerox Digital Presses and Color Presses

Digital printing presses are used for graphic and commercial printing. They provide high speed, high
volume printing. These sheet-fed presses offer publishing, transaction printing, direct mail, packaging,
and photo publishing. Some of these presses come in full color to help businesses get the most out of
what they’re printing. With Xerox, they offer both digital presses and color presses to help each
company’s individual needs.

The QBSI-Xerox

Firms looking to get the best deal on a Xerox digital color press should shop with QBSI-Xerox. They offer
their customers the best in value and service for the price. Xerox digital press printing is one of the
smartest investments a business can make.

Partner with a vendor that can be trusted, QBSI-Xerox is the premier choice for acquiring high-grade
Xerox printing equipment. Have a chat with them today and get the power of Xerox!