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The Job’s Not Done Until It Looks Great: Exploring Finishing Equipment

In today’s competitive market, quality is more important than ever, and businesses who cut costs by cutting corners, lose customers. Quantity is just as important as quality when it comes to keeping customers happy. With finishing equipment, no matter what brand, businesses will be able to keep up with their demands.

Lytrod Software and Xerox Finishing Equipment

QBSI-Xerox carries state-of-the-art software and finishing equipment that can launch firms ahead of the competition. With Lytrod software and finishing equipment like MyBinding allowing users to shift more essential operations in-house, firms save money.

Third party finishing services are pricey, and the extra expense is not justifiable when the same quality can be achieved in-house by making a simple investment in finishing technology through QBSI-Xerox. Xerox finishing equipment is top of the line and unbeatable in terms of quality.

The Importance of Finishing Equipment

Finishing equipment takes many forms as there is a great deal of variety in the technology. Firms can make their direct marketing materials stand out by using finishing equipment on the following productions, but are not limited to.

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Postcards

As marketing materials, all of these must be of exceptional quality to attract a customer’s attention in this competitive market. A business could have the finest products and services available, but if their direct marketing materials (such as their business cards) are shabby they’ll lose business.


All of the aforementioned materials can be customized and formatted using MBM Aerocut. These systems are equipped with Lytrod VisionDirect software installed. The software comes with a tutorial and features direct assistance that will make it simple to navigate the system and start producing high-quality marketing materials with ease.

Producing business cards, postcards, and brochures with MBM Aerocut gives firms the edge they need in today’s fierce market. With professional grade graphics capability, they can be confident in their final products.

Cutters, Collators, and Binding Laminators

Of all of the finishing equipment out there some of the most important components are cutters, collators, and binding laminators. These are some of the most commonly needed pieces of equipment to produce exceptionally professional and impressive marketing materials in print.

The Advantage of a Duplo Machine

Businesses in any industry can benefit from having a Duplo machine, the manufacturer is a trusted leader in collators, decollators, bursters, folders and other essential productivity enhancing office equipment. Having both a collator and a decollator makes for the office.

Their impressive growth has been driven by focusing on providing the best service to customers over the course of 40 years.


MyBinding carries finishing equipment from Lytrod, MBM, and Duplo. All three of those companies offer cutters, collators, binders, laminators, and folders.

Lytrod Software has services that help in creating perfect documents. They have been helping businesses with their finishing equipment needs for over 32 years. MBM, headquartered in Charleston, SC, produces finishing equipment for graphic and printing industries. They are the leader in paper handling equipment that helps keep businesses ahead of the game. Duplo is a company trusted by many businesses, by constantly improving and innovating their products.

MyBinding Machines

Having a binder in the office place is beneficial to the entire office, by helping keep documents together, and saving time. With a binder, workers will have more time for other work, instead of spending an entire day putting documents together. Through MyBinding, these binders come in a variety of ways to keep documents together:

  • Coil
  • Comb
  • Thermal
  • Wire
  • Fastback
  • Proclick
  • Velobind
  • Surebind
  • Metal
  • 3-Hole
  • Staples
  • Perfect Bind

Investing in MyBinding machines is worth every penny, they offer unmatched quality and competitive pricing. Don’t miss out on the benefits of utilizing these products to organize and manage documents.

The QBSI-Xerox Finishing Equipment and Lytrod Software

QBSI-Xerox is the best choice for acquiring high-grade finishing equipment at an affordable price. Not only do customers save money, but they also receive top-notch quality in service. Taking care of their customers is part of what sets QBSI-Xerox apart from their competitors – they serve customers long after a sale is made and are always a phone call away.

Call QBSI-Xerox today and get the best products and services for the highest quality in printing.