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Why Should You Work for QBSI-Xerox?

When asked why they should work for QBSI-Xerox, the answer is why not? In today’s economy with
purse strings drawn tight and employers still fickle on hiring, jobs are hard to come by, and finding a
career is even harder QBSI-Xerox is a smart choice – they have more to offer than jobs, they can offer
careers. Here’s what to know about QBSI-Xerox and why it’s a great place to work.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants, Stand with Xerox

Xerox is a massive and highly revered corporation, making any affiliation with it a point of pride.
Working for a Xerox company like QBSI is one of the smartest career moves to make in this economy.
One of the key advantages enjoyed by an employee of a Xerox company is job security.

Another advantage of Xerox and its affiliates is that it has a vast array of products and services that
businesses need and will continue to need for years to come. The market for Xerox’s managed services,
for example, is still growing. Serving those needs of the business community is exceptionally lucrative for
those fortunate enough to be a part of it.

Xerox is a giant for a reason-it serves an important need of the business community, and it does it very
well. Any chance to be part of something like that is a chance worth taking!

Careers at QBSI-Xerox

One of the benefits of working for a major company like QBSI-Xerox is that there is a wide variety of
positions available. They can all branch into unique career paths for those with the gumption to follow


Account Executives double as Sales Consultants and are the backbone of QBSI-Xerox. Applicants should
have approx. two years of B2B sales experience. Base salary is $42,000 depending on qualifications plus

One of the greatest things about this position is that it is not a commission-only sales role. Having the
peace of mind that comes with a salary makes all the difference. Account Executives receive a complete
benefits package with uncapped bonuses.


QBSI-Xerox is currently accepting Contract Billing Representatives. These professionals manage the
issuance of maintenance contracts, enter customer information, apply for credits, and follow up on
billing. They maintain spreadsheets to keep track of company contracts and accounts.

The Contract Billing Representative position also comes with full benefits and starts at between $17-20
depending on the applicant’s experience.

Technical Service

Be the face of Xerox – being a Field Service Technician for QBSI-Xerox is a great way to start or advance a
career. As one of the team on the front lines, servicing Xerox equipment, the Field Service Technician is
one of the most important members of the team.

Field Service Technicians are well taken care of at QBSI-Xerox and receive a full benefits package in
addition to a generous bonus structure and paid holidays.

Logistical Management

Professionals with logistical and supply chain experience have found their calling with QBSI-Xerox. As a
key asset to the service team, Supply Representatives ensure that supplies that have been ordered are
being shipped on time and to the right people.

The position comes with a full benefits package including generous allotments of medical, dental, and
vision coverage. Pay starts at $16-17 an hour.

The Key Advantages of Pursuing Careers at QBSI-Xerox

Here are the key advantages that QBSI-Xerox has to offer applicants it takes into the fold:

● Benefits Packages Including Insurance and Paid Holidays

● Competitive Pay Rates

● Pleasant Environment and Fulfilling Work

Finding a job that offers such complete benefits packages is like finding a needle in a haystack in this
economy. Don’t hesitate to submit an application to QBSI-Xerox and see what life at Xerox has to offer,
which is really quite a lot. Nowhere else can a job-seeker find so many benefits in one place.

QBSI-Xerox, Let’s Grow Together

Make the right career choice, choose a path that stands out. QBSI-Xerox has locations throughout the
state of scenic Washington including the towns of, Kent, Bellevue, Kennewick, and Yakima. These
opportunities are rare and as a career, it can be the opportunity of a lifetime. Every applicant is given a
fair chance and evaluated on merit. Don’t miss out, get on board. Let’s go places.

Get in touch with QBSI-Xerox and ask about starting their stellar career opportunities. Those with the
right skills have a bright future at QBSI-Xerox!