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What Can Xerox ConnectKey Do?

No modern workplace can afford to be powered by just a single type of machine. Today, office workers
need printers, scanners, fax machines, desktop computers, mobile technology, and much more.

None of these machines can be seen as standalone solutions, either. The most productive offices belong
to companies that understand the importance of connectivity. When important devices are able to
operate with one another, they’re able to accomplish more.

Thanks to Xerox, this is now easier to do than ever before. Their ConnectKey allows for effortless
productivity by connecting an office’s most important equipment in a way that is user-friendly to
operate and supports collaboration, no matter where employees are.

3 Reasons Every Office Needs Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey is a technology solution that was designed with collaboration and connectivity in
mind. That’s why this “smart assistant” connects to one of the most important devices in the office
when it comes to collaborative work: a Xerox printer.

This includes multifunction printers, too. Whichever Xerox model an office depends on, its workers can
enjoy much greater capabilities by connecting it with the power of ConnectKey.

Here are three reasons more and more offices are investing in this impressive solution:

1. Extensive and Growing ConnectKey App Library

One of the many reasons ConnectKey has become so popular is because of the ever-growing library of
apps it provides customers. This means that the benefits it offers companies will continue to increase

Businesses are able to pick which apps to install based on their unique goals. For example, they might
need to automate some of their most important processes or sign-and-send documents in a single step.
Whatever the case, there are dozens of apps available for creating these kinds of solutions, many of
which most companies need but can’t find anywhere else.

It gets even better, though, because companies can actually build their own apps, as well. One bank
actually that invested in ConnectKey discovered that they could cut their invoice processing time by 75%
by creating the custom app they needed – but didn’t already exist – to meet this ambitious goal. The
new app brought handling time down from 40 hours a month to just 10.

2. Customized Workflows for Ease of Use

Every company needs to create workflows that best support the work they want to do on a regular
basis. Trying to take a cookie-cutter approach is doomed to failure because there’s no one-size-fits-all
workflow that will accommodate every single company, even among those within the same industry.

With Xerox ConnectKey, companies can create the kinds of customized workflows that help them reach
their goals instead of trying to adopt workarounds. For example, many businesses have used a
ConnectKey-enabled Xerox WorkCentre multifunction printer to scan and digitize their important
records. This makes them immediately accessible to any employee with authorization. Just this one
change means multiple employees can all access the same document at once from a secure location on
the cloud.

The ConnectKey app also makes it easy for employees to then print the documents they need from any
enabled device they want. All they have to do is select it from their mobile device or the actual
ConnectKey touchscreen and decide where they want to pick up their printed documents.

3. Customizable Platform and Mobile Compatibility

Even with as powerful and user-friendly as Xerox WorkCentre printers are, they can do a lot more with
the help of ConnectKey. Something as simple as its operation is made even easier by the adoption of
ConnectKey’s touchscreen, which can be completely customized. Staff can do more than just add the
aforementioned apps they want. They can literally change the digital interface so it’s better able to meet
their needs.

ConnectKey is also 100% compatible with mobile devices and the cloud. This capability turns every
mobile device into a potential work hub, whether the employee is working from home, on the road, or
even in the sky. They can manage their work while also downloading, sharing, printing, scanning,
distributing, and even translating whatever documents they require.

Best of all, employees are able to effortlessly collaborate while one or more of them are away through
ConnectKey’s integration with the cloud. They can even leverage popular apps like Google Drive,
DropBox, and OneDrive, among many others to make collaboration even easier.

Add ConnectKey to Your Office’s Toolbox

If your company’s office living up to its potential? Or, would your workers have an easier time meeting
ambitious goals if they were able to better collaborate on a regular basis?

While adding a Xerox printer to your office’s technology will always help, you can do even more by
connecting your equipment with the power of ConnectKey.

To learn more about this incredible technology and what it could do for your company’s specific needs,
please contact us today.