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Here’s Some April Fool’s Day Office Pranks to Try Out Today

While it may seem to many that the holiday season is finally behind us, a select few know that there’s
still one major event that deserves celebrating: April Fool’s Day. Once a year, it’s 100% okay for people
to surprise their nearest and dearest in (almost) any way they deem necessary. Anyone who is
constantly keeping themselves from indulging in pranks for the sake of “maturity” will have their time to
shine on April 1.

Arguably, there is no better place to play practical jokes than the office. It offers all the essential

  • People the prankster knows well
  • An environment they trust
  • Plenty of accomplices

So, while the prankster still needs to keep things appropriate for the office, there are a number of April
Fool’s Day prank ideas worth exploring come the 1st .

3 April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas That Are Perfect for the Office

Any fans of the NBC show The Office, probably already have plenty of inspiration for pranking their
coworkers. Still, before start putting any plans into place, pranksters should consider these three office-
appropriate April Fool’s Day prank ideas.

1. Office Chair + Airhorn = Hilarity

This is about as simple as an April Fool’s Day prank can get in the office, but that’s also part of the
reason it’s become a classic over the years. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a big budget or even a lot of
planning to get a good laugh in with this prank.

The “Air-horn Office Chair” is fairly self-explanatory, too. All the prankster needs to do is purchase an
air-horn and then tape it below a coworker’s office chair, so that when they sit down, the seat will lower
enough to compress the horn. For best results, tape the top of the air-horn so that it’s less than an inch
below the chair. This will ensure the blast continues until the coworker is all the way out of their seat.
Use lots of tape, as well, so no amount of pressure from the person sitting down will stop the horn (or
make it stop).

It’s best to do this to someone who sits out in the open. This way, the rest of the office will have no
problem enjoying their reaction.

2. “One Thing Before You Leave”

Everyone has been there at some point. It’s finally five o’clock. After a long day, it’s now time to leave
for home, but just before that happens, someone stops by with, “Hey, one thing before you leave.” Just
like that, the unlucky employee’s day just got a little bit longer – fantastic.

This April Fool’s Day, take this concept and turn it into a prank, provided the intended target has a sense
of humor and nowhere urgent to be after quitting time. That’s because, throughout the day, a group of their coworkers will take turns stepping outside to apply sticky notes to their car. When it comes time
for them to go home, they’ll have a little extra work to do.

If the coworker usually goes out for lunch, don’t start until they come back. In fact, if they do go out for
lunch, keep them in the office by inventing a reason to pay for their meal and offering to pick it up or get
delivery (this is also a good way to smooth things over before their five-o-clock shock).

3. Trick Treats

Nothing grabs the office’s collective attention like finding out there are treats in the breakroom. Even
the most devout dieters can’t resist the allure of free food, especially when it’s designed with sweet
tooth’s in mind.

That’s why this next April Fool’s Day prank works even with the most paranoid of employees. Despite
their vigilance, there’s something about seeing a box with “Help Yourself” on it in the breakroom that
forces people to drop their defenses, even on April 1 st .

This is another simple trick, too:

  • Step 1: Buy a box of donuts
  • Step 2: Remove the donuts
  • Step 3: Fill the box with veggies
  • Step 4: Add a “Free Donuts” sign to the box
  • Step 5: Shut the lid
  • Step 6: Leave town

In all seriousness, once the “trick-treat box” is in place, there’s no reason the prankster has to take
credit for it. Just sit back and enjoy what follows. Those who are so inclined can also wait until word has
spread about the prank to share the actual donuts with everyone.

Get Serious Again Starting April 2nd

When the dust has cleared and April Fool’s Day is over, it’s time to get serious again about how to make
the most of your office. One of the most important ways is by outfitting it with the best possible
equipment and outsourcing the services required to manage them.

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