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The Digital Transformation: How Businesses Are Embracing the Future

Although the Digital Age started decades ago, most companies were able to adapt by only making minor
changes to their business practices.

It’s only been in recent years that more and more organizations have recognized the urgent need to
undergo a digital transformation, a process that would prepare them to take full advantage of what
modern technology has to offer.

Any company putting off such as a transformation isn’t alone, but it’s important that they take the
initiative soon. There are simply too many opportunities waiting for businesses on the other side of
digital transformation.

3 Areas of Your Business That Will Improve with a Digital

The good news is that plenty of companies have already gone through this type of transformation and
have the results to prove it was the right choice.

According to a Gartner survey on digital transformation, 42% of CEOs reported that they have begun the
process at their companies. This coincided with a “IT-related changes” becoming the second-highest
business priority behind “growth”, the highest the goal has ever been rated.

At more than half of companies that initiate a digital transformation, CEOs or c-level executives are
leading the charge with two main goals in mind:

 Transforming business operations (69%)
 Improving customer experiences by driving top-line growth (64%)

When it comes to your company’s office, here are three examples how it will benefit from this type of

1. Document Management

Far too many companies still rely on antiquated methods of managing their important documents. This
includes keeping many of them in physical form – and solely in physical form. That might keep them safe
from cybercriminals, but it also means they could be lost, misfiled (as good as lost), or damaged beyond

With the help of cloud services providers, a company’s entire library of documents can be made
available to employees no matter where they are or what kind of device they’re using. It’s a long
overdue solution for business with remote employees or staff members who often need to travel to
client sites. It’s also a welcomed service for organizations that may need to share certain documents
with third parties.

Of course, this also offers many advantages to those in the office. This includes increased productivity as
required documents are never more than a few clicks away. Automation plays a role in this aspect, too.
Tedious tasks can go a long way toward ruining efficiency, even when they’re nonetheless important.
Automate these tasks with managed document services, so everyone gets the desired result without the
added investment of time.

2. Managed Print Services

Managed print services are about more than just tracking supply ink and toner levels, , covering ongoing
maintenance, and scheduling fast repairs.
Instead, these services can play an integral role in your company’s digital transformation by bringing
your entire print infrastructure to the cloud.

Switching to a cloud server will save your business in office space, but it will also new capabilities in
terms of recording valuable print analytics, providing insights into target print, and learning about new
ways to eliminate unnecessary waste. The result is one change to your normal business processes that
will save your company money in a number of different ways.

Then ,there are also the security benefits of moving to the cloud to be considered, as well. Few
investments stand the potential of saving your company money more than keeping it out of reach of

3. Managed IT

Managed IT solutions are another way companies are stepping into the digital age.

These are similar to the two versions above, but it’s worth paying special attention to how this kind of
transformation can boost the all-important security of an IT department. This is becoming a vital priority
because, while these departments aren’t always targeted by hackers, these criminals generally do need
to bypass their victims’ IT teams in order to be successful. An IT department that benefits from managed
services has a lot more time to focus their efforts on security issues unique to their business (e.g.,

One of the biggest advantages to managed IT services is that business technology will always be updated
right away. That’s great for getting most out of the subscription fees and keeping an office efficient.

However, updates are just as much about patching vulnerabilities that hackers love to exploit. Waiting
even a day past the release of an update could leave a company open for attack. By leveraging the cloud
for managed IT services, this never has to be a real risk.

Of course, hackers have begun targeting cloud services providers, as well, so always exercise caution and
only trust reliable brands.

Is Your Company Ready to Embrace the Future?

It’s never been easier to take on a. digital transformation and the advantages are still as promising as

Our experienced team would be more than happy to help your organization improve all the
aforementioned areas with better business technology.

Now is the time for your company to embrace the future by undergoing a digital transformation.
Contact us today and let’s talk about where to begin with your company’s transformation.