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Why start a career as a sales consultant at QBSI-Xerox?

QBSI-Xerox owes much of its success to our sales staff. Our salespeople are not just employees – they are members of the QBSI-Xerox family, and we do our best to reward them for their hard work and dedication.

As one of the industry’s most reputable printer dealers, we put a lot of energy into putting together the best B2B sales consultant team we possibly can. We invest in our sales teams, giving each person the opportunity to meet their goals and advance to the position they feel most empowered by.

We constantly strive to improve company-wide performance while offering our sales employees greater incentives to grow alongside us. Our commitment takes multiple forms, each of which provides a unique incentive for ambitious, tech-oriented salespeople to join the team.

What Is Working at QBSI-Xerox Like?

Working at QBSI-Xerox is unlike most jobs in the imaging industry. We’re not just a Xerox dealer – we’re an imaging consultancy that helps businesses identify and implement the most efficient solutions available on the market.

This means that the job of a QBSI-Xerox sales consultant isn’t over after the sale is made. Unlike other copier dealers, we want to build strong relationships with our customers and use our technological expertise to help them achieve important long-term goals.

The good part is that our sales team members are not alone in this. We invest in training, creative problem-solving, and community involvement to ensure that everyone – from our accountants to our executive leadership – is aligned towards helping our customers achieve their goals.

In fact, you’re likely to see some of those customers taking part in our community events. Just look at our Annual Golf Classic, which takes place every August. It’s not just QBSI-Xerox giving back to the community. It’s our entire extended network of technology-oriented companies and their leaders being part of a team.

Any conscientious, tech-oriented sales professional will find themselves right at home in the QBSI-Xerox offices. Our focus on relationship-building ensures that the QBSI-Xerox workflow is never superficial.

What About Skills and Qualifications?

It’s a fact that QBSI-Xerox asks a lot from its employees – especially its sales team. However, our company also gives back much more. We are delighted to help our employees achieve their personal and professional goals whenever possible, and our skills and qualification training programs are often the key to doing so.

Not every star employee comes through the door ready to break records. We recognize that most people need mentorship in order to perform at their highest level.

Working at QBSI-Xerox means having access to the tools you need to improve your skills and gain expertise using some of the most advanced office technology available on the market. As a Xerox dealer, we enjoy privileged access to some of the iconic manufacturer’s most sophisticated technologies – a clear career-booster for anyone looking to develop their skills in the world of imaging and document management.

Many of our B2B sales consultants came to us without a great degree of specialized technical knowledge in tow. We made the tools and technologies available for our team to learn so that they could better understand the benefits we offer our customers. Now they use that knowledge to earn significant commissions while helping local businesses outperform their expectations.

Best-in-Industry Compensation

QBSI-Xerox sales consultants earn a decent salary, but we know that it takes more than money to attract and retain top talent. Our uncapped commission structure gives top performers a potentially unlimited source of income – and we offer monthly, quarterly, and annual bonuses to our best salespeople.

But on top of that, QBSI-Xerox furnishes its sales employees with the tools, training, and peace of mind they need to perform. Beyond the training and mentorship that we offer to all our employees, we give each employee their own company laptop and an iPhone that streamlines both internal and external communication.

QBSI-Xerox’s health insurance plan includes medical, dental, and vision coverage. We also participate in health savings accounts for eligible members, contribute matching amounts of 401(K) plans, and offer corporate discounts to our employees on behalf of our partners and longtime customers. Employees accrue paid time off and earn paid vacations as well.

Become a QBSI-Xerox Sales Consultant!

Your new career in the world of imaging is waiting for you at QBSI-Xerox. Learn more about what it’s like to work with our company and find out if you have what it takes to become our next star sales performer.

Start a dynamic, rewarding career in the world of imaging technology and document management. Contact us to learn more about what it’s like to work at QBSI-Xerox!