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Why choose MPS Essential Suites for Xerox to manage your printing needs?

Small and mid-sized businesses can’t afford to implement best-in-class print infrastructure on their own. Investing in expensive, complicated in-house networking solutions, such as print servers that can automatically route jobs for optimal efficiency, just isn’t economically viable for many companies.

However, the fact remains that these organizations still need best-in-class print infrastructure. They still need to eliminate waste while improving print performance and accuracy.

For many small and mid-sized businesses, managed print services are the ideal solution. The benefits of managed print services make a powerful argument for outsourcing most high-volume, low-impact print tasks while accessing sophisticated print equipment without the enormous up-front investment.

But until recently, managed print services have largely been piecemeal arrangements made by various print dealers around the country. Some organizations were enjoying enormous benefits while others were getting less than their fair share of these benefits, depending on the reputation and professionalism of the managed service vendors in question.

Xerox saw this as a problem that only it could solve, and the new MPS Essential Suites for Xerox is its solution. By making its most valuable services available through the cloud and empowering select local vendors to implement those services, Xerox is changing the managed print services game.

What Are the MPS Essential Suites for Xerox?

Xerox bundled its most valuable print offerings into a single managed service solution called MPS Essential Suites. This bundle includes some of the services and technologies that Xerox is best-known for.

As a leader in the world of managed print, Xerox Essential Suites allows offices to significantly improve their print infrastructure in a scalable, affordable way. This provides immediate benefits to Xerox MPS customers who go through one of the manufacturer’s trusted service vendors:

• Mobile Print Management. MPS Essential Suites for Xerox lets users print and copy documents from the Xerox mobile print cloud. It gives systems administrators the ability to manage mobile printing in an organized and secure way.

• Advanced Scanning Solutions. Some of Xerox’s most in-demand services are its data capture technologies. The manufacturer’s optical character recognition solutions allow for on-the-go document translation and automatic data entry.

• Secure Authentication. Xerox security is among the best in the imaging industry. By making its managed print services available through a select set of highly reputable vendors, Xerox can significantly improve security for its users.

• Visibility and Support. Xerox offers unmatched visibility into its users’ print processes, using sophisticated data capture and analysis technology to automatically generate print usage reports. It relies on the services of its vendors to offer professional customer support.

Xerox Essential Managed Print Services Benefits

For small and mid-sized businesses, the ability to reduce the complexity of print-related workflows while boosting productivity and security is often enough to put a clear priority on implementing managed print services. However, some of the more valuable advantages that managed services offer are less immediately obvious:

• On-Demand Compliance. By entrusting print processes to Xerox and its managed service partners, office managers can guarantee compliance with the latest data security regulations in their industries. Xerox and its partners can offer solutions that comply with the most stringent data protection laws in any industry, including HIPAA and PCI, among others.

• Automated Accounting. Instead of manually processing print-related costs, cloud-based managed print services allow office managers to immediately calculate the total cost of ownership of print assets. This streamlines the accounting process and reduces the amount of effort that goes into manually calculating print costs.

• IT Flexibility. When the office IT team no longer has to dedicate the majority of its time to fixing broken printers, it is able to put its time to better use. Xerox MPS solutions empower IT teams to focus on higher-impact projects like software engineering and API development.

• Print Fleet Scalability. With MPS Essential Suites for Xerox offering print infrastructure through the cloud, offices can scale their print needs up or down as needs dictate. This eliminates the risk associated with buying new equipment and ensures that organizations only pay for the services they use.

Find Out How Much Your Office Can Benefit from Xerox MPS

The first step towards identifying the potential efficiencies that MPS Essential Suites for Xerox can offer is speaking to a certified Xerox consultant that can run a print audit on the current fleet. The print audit process collects data on print usage and sends it to expert analysts.

QBSI-Xerox can help you find opportunities to improve cost-savings. Our print audit gives office managers the data they need to reduce the total cost of print equipment and processes.

It’s time for your organization to earn more out of its print processes and free up IT resources for higher-impact work. Talk to a managed print expert to find out how!