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How can the Xerox FreeFlow Suite enhance workflows and produce consistent prints?

There is more to maintaining a productive print fleet than hardware specifications. A robust front-end print server is one of the most commonly overlooked elements of the production print environment.

This is because in any serious print shop has to have more than one printer, and must have a clearly defined print workflow in place to meet deadlines while offering accurate, high-quality prints. Print servers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and accuracy of prints across diverse printer environments.

Output control is key to the value proposition that Xerox FreeFlow Suite offers. The ability to control complex print environments from a single location represents a time-saving advantage that enterprise print departments and small business print shops alike require to remain competitive.

Xerox FreeFlow Suite for Output Control

For an organization with multiple imaging devices located in different parts of a building, ad hoc output management can quickly get out of hand. Without the ability to schedule and route print orders through a centralized system, there is no way to maintain systematic visibility into print processes or find ways to improve efficiency during peak periods.

Xerox FreeFlow Suite solves this problem by allowing print administrators to set jobs for any printer on the network from a single control panel. Xerox’s print production workflow software allows administrators and users to communicate effectively and balance workflows through multiple devices.

Using FreeFlow, print administrators can create Hot Folder directories that automatically receive certain types of jobs on the network. This allows employees to immediately pick up high-impact, low-volume orders even while high-volume orders are currently running – the print workflow software routes and assigns each job according to its priority.

Xerox FreeFlow also allows users to establish custom workflows according to specific needs. Users with the appropriate permissions can create unique workflows for certain locations, job types, work shifts, and other operational criteria. This automates the time-consuming process of planning and administrating print orders effectively.

This improves productivity across the entire enterprise, generating efficiencies at nearly every intersection between digital documents and their paper counterparts. Some of the unique features Xerox’s print server technology offers include:

Load Balancing. Print process managers can maximize throughput by letting the Xerox FreeFlow system automatically process jobs across multiple printers.

Job Splitting. Organizations can improve overall productivity by splitting jobs according to different parameters, like color usage, page count, or file type. This ensures offices use their print fleets at optimal capacity.

Accounting. With the Xerox FreeFlow Suite, print supervisors can manage print usage and accounting information from a single control panel.

Library Forwarding. Xerox technology allows printers to display their stock library in the FreeFlow software. This enables print managers to accurately choose from the available paper stock before submitting new jobs.

Xerox FreeFlow MakeReady: Next-Generation Pre-press Capabilities

The Xerox FreeFlow Suite includes a variety of individual print technology solutions. One of the most powerful and versatile included in the suite is Xerox Makeready, which allows users to complete production print jobs with easy document editing capabilities designed to apply across high-volume projects.

Xerox MakeReady is a solution that combines paper documents with their electronic counterparts to establish a uniquely efficient file and print workflow. As a fully integrated Xerox printing system, it offers what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) functionality across complex document workflows in a simple drag-and-drop interface. This offers significant benefits to print users handling complex, high-volume projects:

Easy Customization and Personalization. With Xerox MakeReady, users can create edit and annotate tabs en masse without having to worry about checking individual documents. Operators can create personalized documents with variable data input in an automated way.

Wide-ranging Filetype Compatibility. Xerox MakeReady is compatible with all industry-standard file types. Users can input Adobe PostScript, PDF, TIFF, and JPEG files into their projects and still enjoy complete customization capabilities while retaining the desired properties of the final output document.

• Automatic Job Ticketing. There is no need to update job tickets manually with Xerox MakeReady. Operators can simply drag and drop pages onto the work order interface – FreeFlow MakeReady automatically configures its job tickets to reflect the latest changes accurately.

Update Your Print Infrastructure to Meet Modern Demands

There is no need for busy office employees to spend time and energy preparing documents for print in a disorganized print environment. The Xerox FreeFlow Suite contains all the software that an enterprise print department needs to control and manage its print output in an efficient way.

Xerox FreeFlow is the ideal print production workflow software for the print departments of large organizations, and it offers clear value to standalone production print shops as well. Talk to an expert to find out how this technology can help your organization improve its print infrastructure.

Is it time for your print production processes to meet the highest standards of performance? Talk to a QBSI-Xerox specialist today and get started!