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What does the holiday season mean to the team at QBSI-Xerox?

While the holiday season has a slightly different meaning for everyone, the team at QBSI-Xerox wanted to reflect on what’s really important to us at the end of the year. We asked our team how they spend the holidays, which gifts they’d like to give and receive, and what means the most to them. Check out the answers below to learn more about the team that services your copiers, fills office supply orders, and does a whole lot more to keep your business or organization running smoothly.

What does the holiday season mean to you?

Kelly, NWG President, “It means sharing moments with loved ones that create lasting memories.”

Marcy, VP of HR & IT, “The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and traditions. It is the time of year that reminds us what should really be important all year long.”

Cody, Field Service Technician, “Well, my favorite holiday is Halloween. For me, the holiday season is about spending that extra time and making that extra effort to spend time with family.

I lost my mom around Christmas when I was a kid and for years, nothing was the same. As I got older I found that time is short, and it’s best spent trying to live a happy life with friends and family.”

Brigette, NWG Supply Manager, “It is the happiness I feel when seeing the magic in the eyes of children. The holiday season is for spending time with friends and family. It is a time to appreciate what you have and help others who are not as fortunate. It is a time for snowflakes and hot cocoa with peppermint sticks.”

Donna, Major Account Sales, “Family, friends, and a reflection of the year and all the blessings I received.”

La Quita, Accounting Assistant, “Family and good food.”

Andy, Corporate Recruiter, “Visiting family, get-togethers with friends, seeing holiday shows, and shopping.”

Do you or your family have any unique traditions or unique decorations?

Kelly, NWG President, “We eat a good meal and watch all of the holiday movies and cartoons with the kids.”

Marcy, VP of HR & IT, “We always have a cookie baking day where we spend the day making and decorating cookies.”

Cody, Field Service Technician, “My grandpa builds a Christmas village every year, and has been doing it since I was a kid.”

Donna, Major Account Sales, “We drink way too much wine at our family gatherings!”

La Quita, Accounting Assistant, “We do a traditional Christmas – with a tree, stockings, and presents.”

Andy, Corporate Recruiter, “We see a Christmas show with friends, often share a meal, and visit with family.”

What is the one gift you would like to receive this year? What’s the one gift you’d like to give this year?

Kelly, NWG President, “Gift I would like to receive is good wine. The gift that I would like to give is good wine.”

Marcy, VP of HR & IT, “ is one of my favorite ways to help others, so receiving a Kiva gift card to help others is always great. It’s also a great gift to give others.”

Cody, Field Service Technician, “One gift I would really like would be a dog. If I could give any gift this year, I would love to give my wife a new car.”

Brigette, NWG Supply Manager, “I would love to receive a new puppy, but was told that Santa does not deliver puppies. I would love to give help to a family in need.”

Donna, Major Account Sales, “I’d like to receive a ski vacation in the mountains with close friends and family. I’d like to give a gold bracelet that I received from my mother to my goddaughter. She’s going to have a baby boy in the spring!”

La Quita, Accounting Assistant, “My husband has been ill. I would love to get him well.”

Andy, Corporate Recruiter, “I’d love to get another guitar. I’d love to give my wife a trip to New Zealand- I guess that one is for me too!”

The entire team at QBSI-Xerox hopes you have a happy holiday season!

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