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Join QBSI-Xerox and Give the Gift of Hope this Season

Being a successful business isn’t all about profits, revenue, growth, and balance sheets. Successful companies also give back to their communities. That’s why QBSI-Xerox regularly partners with local charities and organizations to help give back to the community where they live, work, and do business.

While community outreach is important throughout the year, that importance is highlighted during the holiday season as many families experience hardship during a time of year that should be joyful. That’s why QBSI-Xerox is proud to partner with Hopelink this season to support their holiday food & gift drive.

For some, the holiday season can be a stressful time. For those living in poverty, not having a meal to put on the table or gifts under the tree can add even more stress to the season. This year, QBSI-Xerox hopes to make the difference for Washington families with our QBSI-Xerox Give Hope Drive.

Why Does QBSI-Xerox Choose to Work with Hopelink?

For those who are not familiar with Hopelink, they are an organization that provides a wide range of services and support for people living in poverty in the King County area. These people can trust Hopelink for a variety of services from housing support to emergency financial help to employment services, and more. Hopelink has also provided more than 2 million meals to those in need which makes them a great partner for the QBSI-Xerox Give Hope Drive.

One of the reasons Hopelink is such a valuable organization in the community is because they provide services that address several areas of need for those in poverty. The ultimate goal, of course, is to help lift people out of poverty and allow them to enjoy a higher quality of life. When low income individuals are connected with Hopelink, they are getting support to improve all aspects of their life.

Why is a Holiday Canned Food Drive Near Seattle So Important?

Since Hopelink provides so many great services, there are a number of ways for businesses and individuals to become involved. So, why did QBSI-Xerox identify Hopelink’s Food & Gift Drive as the campaign that they wanted to take on this year? There are a few reasons for that.

First and foremost, no one should go hungry during the holidays. The basic desire to help people enjoy the holiday season as much as possible is one of the main drivers of the QBSI-Xerox Give Hope Drive.

Hopelink serves 64,000 people annually and food is always needed to ensure that everyone who needs help, can receive it. In addition, food assistance is often one of the reasons people will first seek out help from Hopelink. Once connected with the people in need, they can also help identify other services that individuals may be in need of. Essentially, the first step to getting out of poverty often begins with getting food on the table.

Second, the holidays come alive through the eyes of children, but for some, without the gifts they receive from Hopelink’s gift rooms, they wouldn’t feel the joy of the holidays at all. These gift donations may be the only new gift they receive all year.

Finally, the Give Hope Drive also allows QBSI-Xerox to raise awareness in addition to collecting food & gifts. It is easy to share the initiative with partners, employees, and customers who may be interested in becoming involved themselves. This can make the food & gift drive a roaring success and potentially introduce the incredible work of Hopelink to future volunteers.

What Goes into Hosting a Food & Gift Drive?

Hosting a holiday gift and canned food drive can be a major undertaking but, fortunately, Hopelink provides exceptional support for community partners who are looking at getting involved in a drive of their own. This includes ideas for how to expand the reach and effectiveness of the drive, tips for operating a successful drive, and guidance on what items are needed and which items cannot be accepted.

Hosting a food drive certainly takes some dedication but Hopelink is always there for support. Best of all, the hard work pays off when the drive wraps up and volunteers get to see just how much of an impact their efforts will have on the community.

Learn More About the QBSI-Xerox Holiday Food Drive

The holiday food & gift drive is an important part of QBSI-Xerox’s community outreach efforts and to ensure the food & gift drive is a huge success, QBSI-Xerox would love to see support from their friends, family, staff, customers, and other community partners.

To learn more about the holiday food drive, contact QBSI-Xerox today or stay tuned for more updates.