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Exciting Xerox ConnectKey Updates for SalesForce & QuickBooks

It’s the goal of many business owners, sales professionals, and office managers to become more efficient and effective. Technology and tools have allowed people to dramatically change the way they work, interact with clients, and manage important tasks.

For many businesses, a Xerox multifunction copier is an important tool in their arsenal and, now, that tool just received a big productivity boost. The latest Xerox ConnectKey update has introduced important new features to what was already a leading suite of productivity apps and programs.

With this new update, users can now take advantage of SalesForce integration as well as QuickBooks integration along with the variety of other Xerox ConnectKey features that make doing business smarter and more efficient. This article will outline the changes, what the features offer users, and how this can make Xerox ConnectKey enabled products, like the Xerox Altalink line of high-volume printers, even more powerful.

What is Xerox ConnectKey?

Before jumping into the new features, it might be important to quickly review what Xerox ConnectKey is and how this suite of programs is changing the way people work in the modern office environment.

These days, everyone prefers “smart” devices. There are smartphones, smart televisions, smart lights, and smart speakers entering the lives of people and helping them become more efficient, more organized, and more effective. In order to make the Xerox multifunction copier and printer “smart” like these other devices, product designers and engineers had to create something that could help connect the wide range of services and programs used in business today with the tried, tested, and true Xerox office equipment.

From there, Xerox ConnectKey was born. 77% of all Americans use a smartphone and need to be connected on-the-go. ConnectKey software brought together many of the popular apps people trusted and turned Xerox multifunction copiers into a hub of productivity. These ConnectKey apps include Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Blackboard, and more. Now, with SalesForce integration and QuickBook integration, the family of available apps has expanded.

Introducing Xerox ConnectKey SalesForce Integration

SalesForce is the top cloud CRM software in the world with over $20 billion in annual sales from companies across all industries including healthcare, finance, media, and more. Businesses that deploy devices like Xerox AltaLink printers and copiers also frequently use SalesForce to manage their teams and customer relationships. It only made sense for Xerox ConnectKey to add this important app to the growing suite of supported apps.

With SalesForce integration now built right into ConnectKey-supported devices, users will be able to manage their growing client lists more efficiently from one convenient hub. Information can be uploaded directly to client folders in SalesForce from a compatible Xerox multifunction copier. This removes added steps that consume valuable time that sales team members could be engaging with their clients and improving the overall customer experience.

Introducting Xerox ConnectKey QuickBook Integration

Much like SalesForce, QuickBooks is a leader in its industry. Countless businesses trust QuickBooks to help them manage their sales, expenses, and more. Since so many businesses and their employees use QuickBooks, it was clear that this was an important addition to ConnectKey.

Now, with QuickBooks integration built right into Xerox ConnectKey devices, users can simply and quickly submit expenses for faster approval. Multiple receipts can be scanned, receipt data is read and then submitted for reimbursement, and timely approvals can be provided. For users, this means less waiting on reimbursement as well as less time organizing and submitting receipts. For management, they can be confident that their expense submission process is as efficient as possible, and their employees will be paid correctly and on time.

What’s Next for Xerox ConnectKey

One of the most exciting features about Xerox ConnectKey is that it is always growing to include new features and supported apps. Users with compatible devices, like the Xerox AltaLink line of high-volume printers, may be wondering what’s coming next with regards to the ConnectKey software.

In the announcement for the new SalesForce and QuickBooks integration, Xerox did give some small hints about what is coming down the pipeline. For example, Concur users will be excited to see that similar support to what QuickBooks users can enjoy is coming by the end of the year. Of course, that is just a taste of what Xerox has up its sleeve.

To learn more about Xerox ConnectKey, which devices are supported, and how to make the most out of this productivity-focused suite of apps, please contact QBSI-Xerox today.