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Which 4 Industries Benefit Most from Wide Format Printers?

The advantages that wide format printers offer businesses are clear. The ability to make your own marketing materials in-house is often a significant cost savings in competitive industries.

But which industries have the greatest incentive to invest in wide format printing technology? Some businesses have a better reason to switch from outsourcing their wide format imaging needs than others.

Top-quality equipment can give businesses an edge in their marketing, outreach, and business development campaigns. Find out which businesses have the most to gain when considering the deployment of a modern fleet of Xerox wide format printers.

The four Industries That Rely on WFPs the Most

At QBSI-Xerox, we’ve spent years helping our friends and neighbors find the best corporate printing solutions in the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout this period, four industries have consistently stood out as areas where wide format printing produces results.

1. Graphic Design
Graphic designers have a lot to gain by operating their own printers. Even small design agencies that don’t generally offer scalable print deliverables as a service can use these devices to great effect.

For instance, you can create wide format documents as proofs to send to clients, showing them exactly how finished products will look on real paper, vinyl, or a broad variety of other materials.

You can fulfill smaller orders without having to call on a large-scale print provider or pay the associated fees. This allows you to operate more profitably when dealing with small orders in niche industries.

A high-powered Xerox wide format printer allows you to widen your capabilities and deliver solutions that meet your customers’ needs more precisely. Retail pricing for wide format graphics tends to be very high for small orders, giving graphic designers who specialize in niche industries a chance to quickly recoup the cost of deploying a wide-format printer.

2. Event Marketing
It’s an obvious fact that event marketers often need to rely on posters to get the word out about the events they promote. A trip into the downtown area of any major city proves the fact – but event marketers in Seattle have especially attractive reasons to invest.

Posters from Xerox wide format printers offer stand-out brightness and depth of color, making them a great choice for event posters. But the ability to quickly complete variable data print runs offers even more valuable options.

For instance, setting up guiding posters around an event perimeter requires variable data showing visitors where to go relative to the location of the poster. A retail print shop would charge steep rates for this kind of order because it requires multiple small print batches that differ only slightly.

A graphic design agency with its own wide format printer could profitably take on this job and deliver the results quickly, however. This is just one of the reasons why event marketers should invest in their own wide format imaging products.

3. Retail Business
Brick-and-mortar retail businesses have much to gain by investing in wide format printing. InfoTrends notes that signage is integral to marketing success in retail, and places special importance on wide format technology for communicating brand value to customers in the retail environment.

Brick-and-mortar stores that compete with online e-commerce retailers need to invest in one of their key competitive advantages over e-commerce – increased local visibility. Wide format printing lets businesses declare their presence to their communities, ensuring a branded touch point with passersby in high-traffic areas.

Many retail businesses already invest in wide format print, but relatively few have developed their own in-house capabilities. In conditions where regularly changing signage to reflect new product offerings and new sales campaigns, investing in wide format printing offers clear advantages to retail business owners.

4. Marketing Agencies
Almost every marketing agency collaborates with a print house for its paper and vinyl deliverables. While it’s true that you can’t offer everything under one roof, the more you add to your in-house capabilities the greater profits you can reap from transactions that use those capabilities.

Gathering data on your past years’ worth of outsourced wide format orders is an easy way to determine how much you can afford to spend on wide format print technology. If there is enough activity in the agency to offset the cost over a five-year time-span, the argument for buying your own printer is a strong one.

You can use this acquisition to increase your capabilities, offer higher-quality prints, and improve the speed of wide format order fulfillment. Superior technology ensures your marketing agency retains its competitive edge for years.

QBSI-Xerox’s wide format imaging team has years of expertise working with Xerox, Canon, and Kip technology. Talk to one of our specialists about your wide-format needs today!