Case Studies

case study The Customer is a larger company in Bellevue, Washington.

The Challenge

The Customer was tasked with building a well designed printing environment that maximizes productivity, technology and sustainability as part of their Print Optimization initiatives in their Bellevue, Washington office.

The Solution

The Customer was in need of assistance with their Print Optimization Initiative. They wanted to create a well designed printing environment that maximized productivity, technology and sustainability. QBSI came and performed a QBSI360°™ print assessment and analyzed the environment to find strengths and weaknesses in their current printing infrastructure. They were able to map out the existing fleet, study individual workflows and perform end user interviews to truly understand the Customer environment.

The Results

The Customer's VP of Operations and his team partnered with team QBSI to develop a low-cost printing solution which will significantly reduce the Customer's carbon footprint, while providing users with high-quality color printing, scanning, copying and document security in a user-friendly cloud printing environment. QBSI reduced their printing devices from over 200 to 25.

The strategy incorporates Xerox “follow-you” printing, which enables the Customer's users to print to a virtual print server and scan their proximity card at any printing device in the building to securely release their documents at print speeds up to 85 pages per minute. The Xerox ColorQube devices incorporate patented cartridge-free solid ink technology rather than traditional toner, eliminating excessive packaging and toner cartridges. That means fewer resources, 70-80% less energy consumed in manufacturing and transportation, and 90 percent less waste in the office.

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