Case Studies

case study The Customer is a group of privately held aerospace companies. They produce a wide range of structural components and assemblies for wings, fuselages, interiors, landing gears and doors for commercial, business, general aviation and military aircraft. It currently has nine facilities that manufactures complex aerostructure components, parts and assemblies from the full spectrum of traditional and aerospace alloys.

The Challenge

The Customer came to QBSI with a desperate need. Their existing, labor intensive document scanning process was based on Wavescan and had begun to fail. They were afraid that if we did not act quickly that everything would be lost.

The Solution

QBSI made the customer a promise—QBSI would ensure that all of their Wavescan data was migrated by a specific date. QBSI told them that their new scanning workflow would be faster and easier to use and that with the new Docushare document management system, they would truly own their own data in a secure, auditable environment.
QBSI implemented a Kofax decentralized scanning configuration with two scan workstations driving Kodak i3200 scanners. Taking advantage of the strong structured form processing capabilities in Kofax, data entry was automated for many of the Customers’s forms. Since each scan job exists as an independent batch in the server client environment, either of the 2 scan operators are able to stop what they are doing and let the other operator pick up where they left off at any point in the process (scanning, validation, release, etc.). The new scanning process is both faster and significantly more accurate.
For the storage of all of these documents the customer is using a Docushare Enterprise server which includes strong integration with Kofax. Each document and all of its metadata is transferred directly to the Docushare system through the use of CIM Scanning Subsystem Sockets which pick up and parse the CSV files produced by the Kofax Docushare Export utility to ensure no data is lost.

The Results

The customer has agreed that the implemented QBSI solution fulfilled all of the QBSI promises. The best part of the new solution is that the scan operators no longer have to type in every single piece of data that they want to store. QBSI has reliably automated the scan process for many of their documents, and with the capability to “Google” their documents, they are able to get more done than ever before.
The Customer has entered user acceptance testing (UAT), a process where QBSI provides customer training to evaluate and optimize the document management scanning solution.

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