Case Studies

case study The Customer is one of America’s best-known names in wild Alaskan Seafood products. Throughout the food service industries and within the retail trades, they have achieved a hard won reputation built on the quality and sales appeal of its frozen, canned and fresh seafood.

The Challenge

The Customer wanted help with their document workflow, and that is exactly what we provided. This customer had a manual process with physical paper for their Purchase Orders, Purchase Requests, and Checks.

The Solution

Through a combination of QBSI, Xerox and vendor ingenuity, QBSI created a custom digital workflow that catches these documents at their point of creation. Using a QBSI/Xerox C# application, their purchase orders, and purchase requests are automatically separated into distinct files, and then sent to NSi AutoStore.
Through a fantastic level of support from the NSi sales and technical support team, QBSI was able to leverage the NSi AutoStore file import module to process incoming text streams from the customer’s accounting systems to overlay a form image via the watermark feature. This produces beautiful documents— at a fraction of the cost of other solutions—such as VDP.
AutoStore then stores those fully processed electronic documents into a Docushare document management system with all of the contents available for easy search and retrieval by the end users.
QBSI further enhanced the customers Xerox device with an eCopy Scanstation for the capture of other paper documents into the same Docushare repository.

The Results

This new automated process results in a huge reduction of labor across multiple customer employees, and adds reliability and efficiency to a process that needed a large boost. The Customer now has an enterprise level automated document workflow, and a central secure location for all of their documents.

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