Case Studies

case study The Customer Founded in 1945 is a four-generation family business. They are a wholesale distributor for the plumbing and HVAC industries in the Pacific Northwest.

The Challenge

They had a problem. They were receiving too many documents via fax, wasting paper and making it hard to track those documents through their lifecycle. They wanted an electronic process that streamlined this process, and gave them the ability to route documents for handling internally.

The Solution

Through the combination of fax forwarding on their Xerox device, Nuance Scanflowstore, and Xerox Docushare, we were able to provide them with a solution to their problems. They now have a completely automated workflow that recognizes data off of each fax as it comes in, and sorts it appropriately in Docushare for routing.
Their implementation was accomplished via use of the fax forwarding to SMB feature present on many Xerox devices. Once a fax is received, it is placed in a secure network location. Scanflowstore is configured to watch that location for new documents, and based on their structure, combined with a judicious use of regular expressions, document metadata is extracted for storage in Docushare.

The Results

The company just recently signed a project completion statement verifying that QBSI met every promise that they made, the next phase will be to do the same thing for their Washington location.
The real win for this customer is the fantastic new process that they have, but it doesn’t hurt that it was cost effective with an obvious return on investment.

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